Alan Ray is a life long entrepreneur, and politically savvy entity. He prides himself for having the intellect to do the due diligence necessary to create the "means that will lead to an end". His stellar career has given him the luxury of powerful partnerships, and meaningful liaisons,.

He has a relevant, and poignant voice regardless of age group, and communicates effectively, regardless of circumstance or demographics. Being a solid leader, and grass root motivator, speaks volumes to his talent, principle, and engagement. Alan's reputation in not supporting establishment candidates "RINOS" has been a hallmark of his career, to include working and behalf of female candidates, such as UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Lexington County State Senator Katrina Shealy, is further evidence of his desire to reform our state government. He is especially proud of working hand and hand with then Rep. Nikki Haley in passing legislation that was signed into law by Governor Mark Sanford in Mr. Ray's small business. 

Mr. Ray has been married for 32 years, his wife is Janet, and is the Father of, John Ray, and Meg Ray. John, was the chairman of The University of SC to committee to elect the POTUS, and played a integral role for republicans, within his demographic. Meg Ray, was a high school senior of a SC virtual charter school , and is securing her degree in early childhood education at The University of SC, Aiken. The Rays as a family have warmly included a foster son Vince Smith, who is a father of two, and a husband who was serving our great nation in the US Army infantry. 

Mr. Ray has been self-reliant, and at the helm of many business practices within SC for the past 30 years, including a recent partnership with candidate for Congress Joe Grimaud who was co-owner and co-founder of an e-learning business and a Lexington County retail store "CostLess". Mr. Ray is an asset to any and all ventures, and his leadership is seasoned and solid. He helps other business owners who need assistance in getting their products to the marketplace. 

Mr. Ray has been on the frontlines of standing in support of stronger CDV, he believes life begins at conception, and ends at natural death. He has been working for many years providing the means necessary for funding for women and children that are victims of CDV, "My vision for SC would be a private, public, faith based collaboration to provide the much needed funding and leadership to "STOP" violence against women and children.